Lakers Fans Are Already Burning Their Dwight Howard Jerseys

Oh, they're mad.

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When reports surfaced that Dwight Howardwas headed to the Houston Rockets, you knew it was going to come to this. Even after one tumultuous season in Los Angeles, Lakers fans probably still would've wanted Howard to return and become the eventual cornerstone of the franchise. So, obviously, when the news became official, their faithful fans didn't handle the news well and decide to take out their frustrations the only way they knew how: by burning their DH jerseys. 

Already? Is this serious? @espn #DwightHoward
@LakersNation thanks dwight for the good memories sike!!!!#burn#burn#GoLakers

C'mon guys, setting fire to your jersey is the easy way out. Get a little more creative, like this guy: 

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