Katy Perry's Appearance on "College GameDay" Was All Types of Awkward (Video)

Katy Perry was everything we expected her to be on ESPN's "College GameDay" earlier today.

Let's see... how do we sum up Katy Perry's appearance on College GameDay earlier today? It was awkward, weird and kinda, sorta sexual. First off, we have Katy running game on Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight, who was made into a trending topic on Twitter within a matter of minutes.


Then, the singer randomly pulled out a corndog, held it up for a couple of seconds and preceded to chuck it at the camera. 

After that, the GameDay crew got Perry to chime in on a couple of predictions, including TCU vs. Oklahoma, to which she responded by saying... 



Um, gahhhh. ESPN is probably drawing up that apology to their viewers, just in case, right now. In the end, Katy won everyone over when she took the head of Alabama mascot Big Al off of their supporter, Lee Corso, and threw it on the floor. Much to the delight of the Ole Miss faithful looking on. 


We're not sure if Katy will ever be invited back, but it was awkward while it lasted. 

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