Justin Timberlake Reunites With That Super Bowl Selfie Kid

Justin Timberlake took another selfie with the kid that he snapped a pic during his Super Bowl LII halftime performance.

After getting more than enough time to do his Google research on that singer who took a selfie with him during his Super Bowl LII halftime performance, 13-year-old Ryan McKenna was reunited with Justin Timberlake Wednesday night when the Man of the Woods Tour stopped over in Boston. “Great time meeting @justintimberlake #manofthewoodstour !! #selfie,” McKenna wrote on his Instagram account which is aptly-titled selfiekid.

Timberlake liked the photo, adding, “Great finally meeting you!”

After taking the Super Bowl Selfie with JT, McKenna appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where the singer called in to invite Ryan and his family to his show in Boston, so the two can properly meet, and take a “second selfie together.” A “Backstage Selfie,” which is probably what JT shouted after the picture was taken.

If that offer wasn’t good enough, the NFL also came through with a gift for the “VIP experience” to a New England Patriots home game next season for McKenna and his family, as well as four pre-game field passes.

Instead of snapping another selfie with this kid, why couldn’t JT try and work something out with former Eagles wide receiver Freddie Mitchell, who was standing just a few feet away

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