Former Teammate Joe Smith Records Tribute Song for Lamar Odom

Players around the NBA are reaching out to Odom in their own special way.

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From Kobe Bryant to LeBron James, NBA players from around the league are responding to the news regarding Lamar Odom in a variety of ways. Some players have gone out of their way to see L.O. in person. Others have shared heartfelt messages through their social media accounts. A few players have taken time out of their press conference to extend their prayers to the entire Odom family

Former Los Angeles Lakers teammate Joe Smith went in another direction. First, Smith appeared on CNN Tonight to discuss the Odom situation. 

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Afterwards, he released a tribute song for Odom titled "If I Die Tonight." When asked for the reason behind creating the track, Smith told TMZ Sports, "I want [the song] to give the people some faith and motivation... empower them. Give them hope that Lamar's going to be okay."

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