Colorado Marijuana Dispensary Is Selling a Strain of Weed Called "Peyton Manning"

Wonder what the Broncos think?

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After becoming the first quarterback since 1969 to throw seven touchdowns in a game last Thursday, Peyton Manning is probably the hottest thing in Colorado right now. So hot that a Colorado marijuana dispensary is selling a type of weed called "Peyton Manning." But it's more than just cashing in on the three-time MVP's name. The effects of the strain include "euphoric" and "thought provoking" which resemble the feelings of Broncos fans and Peyton himself, respectively.

Eventually, "Peyton Manning" will be pulled off the shelves so get it while you still can...with your, uh, medical marijuana card, of course. Check out a picture of the marijuana in the thumbs.  

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[via Next Impulse Sports]

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