Cleveland's Pornhub Traffic Drastically Fell When the Cavaliers Won Their First NBA Title

Cleveland's PornHub traffic fell by 50 percent when the Cavaliers won their first NBA title.

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When the Cavaliers won their first NBA title in franchise history, Clevelanders were too, um, excited to peruse Pornhub. According to data from the adult entertainment streaming site, traffic was down by 20 percent during the first half of Game 7. But when the final buzzer went off, getting off was the furthest thing from the minds of Cleveland residents as traffic dropped by 47 percent. 

Per Pornhub: 

Why such a drastic drop? Fap time clearly gave way to clap time as people all over Cleveland tuned in to see the Cavaliers snag the first pro sports championship title the city has had in 52 years.

Meanwhile, Pornhub experienced a 20 percent increase from San Francisco residents as Warriors fans looked to find solace in their team's historic collapse with the help of some self-soothing. While Cavs players and coaches celebrated their improbable comeback, poured champagne on one another in the locker room and fought back their emotions as they responded to reporters' questions, Clevelanders were gathered together and basking in the moment.  

When the clock struck midnight, though, Cleveland residents were back in front of their computers and looking at Pornhub as evident by the over 60 percent rise in traffic from 10 p.m. to 12 p.m. And do you blame them? All that tension from watching their team come back from a 3-1 deficit. The clutch fadeaway three-pointer from Kyrie Irving late in the fourth quarter to seal the victory. There was a whole lot of tension that needed to be... released.    

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