Chad Johnson Arrested Saturday Night on Domestic Battery Charge

C'mon man.

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Earlier this week, we asked the question: Is Chad Johnsona badass or jackass? Our final verdict was that the receiver formerly known as Ochocinco was more of a badass. Guess we may need to do a recount. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting that Johnson was arrested Saturday night on a misdemeaor domestic battery charge.  

According to, the entire situation began when Chad Johnson found a condom box receipt in his wife's car. What followed afterwards is a classic "he said, she said" scenario. Evelyn Lozada is claiming that as they pulled into their driveway, the Dolphins receiver leaned over and headbutted her, while Chad is saying that Evelyn leaned forward and they bumped heads. When the police arrived on the scene, Lozada had a laceration on her forehead and Johnson was arrested.

Chad and Evelyn are already facing problems after getting married on July 4th? Hopefully the two can work this out and get back on the right track.     

UPDATE: The account released by was incorrect. It was actually Johnson's wife, Evelyn Lozada, who actually found the receipt for the box of condoms and confronted Chad in the car.  

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