Atlanta Hawks Show Us What It Would Be Like If 2 Chainz Was the CEO

The Atlanta Hawks give us a glimpse of what it would be like if 2 Chainz was the CEO of the team.

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In the latest edition of the Atlanta Hawks killing the promotional game, the team will have a "2 Chainz Night" on March 27 when the Miami Heat come into the town to play in the Philips Arena. The event will consist of a performance from the rapper, who will also handle player introductions. The fans will also have an opportunity to buy Tity Boi-inspired gear, including this amazing shirt. 


It's TRUUUUUUUU. This is now on sale:

— Atlanta Hawks (@ATLHawks) March 17, 2015

It will be a night truly dedicated to the rapper. And that's nice and all, but let's take it a little further for a second. What would it be like if 2 Chainz was the CEO? The above video gives us a quick glimpse of what that world would look like. 

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