Adam "Pacman" Jones Told Steelers Players to "Shut The F**k Up and Play Football" Before Bengals Loss

Pacman Jones has zero chill

The Cincinnati Bengals lost a football game and their starting quarterback, possibly for the season, to the Pittsburgh Steelers today, but before all that, Adam "Pacman" Jones was already feeling some type of way. Despite being stuck on the sideline in a walking boot, that didn't stop the Bengals cornerback from getting in on the two team's pregame scuffle on the field, but he'd already laid in to the Steelers with some profanity-laced words before the game even began in a video posted to his Instagram account. 

"I'm sitting here looking at the thing on ESPN, I guess the Steelers got all gangsters. Mike Tomlin needs to tell his team to shut the f**k up and play football," Pacman says in the video. 


Pacman continues on for a few more seconds, shooting out threats that I'm sure will go over just great with the Bengals and the NFL league office. This video is sure to be deleted within the next couple hours, but the damage has already been done. Jones has a history of doing some pretty dumb things, and you can just add this video to the top of the pile. 

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