Evan Turner Says Ref "Had a Bad Day At Home" After Getting Ejected

Tell us how you really feel, Evan

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Evan Turner was ejected for two technicals in quick succession...https://t.co/0yWj78KYE3 #nba

With 1:01 left in the fourth quarter against the Orlando Magic, Boston Celtics forward Evan Turner was booted from the game after receiving two technical fouls in a span of about five seconds. Unhappy with being called for a foul as he went for a steal against Evan Fournier, Turner got up in the ref's face to please his case, and was subsequently tossed.

Turner was still stewing after the game, and decided to take a couple more pot shots at the ref he'd already berated earlier on the court. 

Here's Evan Turner with some searing words for official who tossed him from game: pic.twitter.com/kwVAB6m6Vd
"That dude made a bad call, simple as that, so I'm an idiot because he has a whistle, so when he has a bad day at home or anything else he takes it out there," Turner said. "That's what he did tonight and I'm out $5,000."

But Turner wasn't quite done.

"That was a horrible call and I was bad for reacting how I reacted and I left it up to a sensitive person to do the rest and put the team in a bad situation," he continued.

So in one quote, Turner manages to call a ref "sensitive" and say he was having "a bad day at home," all while reiterating what a terrible call that was against him. 

Turner contributed eight points and five assists before being tossed.

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