Enes Kanter Really Hated Playing for the Utah Jazz

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You won't find too many people who would willingly leave the picturesque mountains of Salt Lake City for Oklahoma City, but the latter may have just found themselves a new spokesperson.

Enes Kanter, who spent three and a half seasons as a member of the Utah Jazz before being traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder ahead of the NBA's trade deadline, took a few moments to rip his former team a new one after the Thunder's shootaround on Saturday morning. Back in Utah for the first time since the trade, Kanter got the obvious "What's it like to be back?" question from reporters, and the dude let loose.

"Right after I went to OKC, I was like, oh man, this is how an NBA team is," Kanter told the Salt Lake Tribune. "I think it wasn't just a one- or two-game frustration; it was a three-and-a-half-year frustration."

Alrighty then. The Jazz made the playoffs in Kanter's rookie year, bowing out in the first round to the San Antonio Spurs. They followed that up by posting a 43-39 record the following season, though they missed the playoffs. The bottom fell out during the 2013-2014 campaign, as the Jazz posted a 25-57 mark, just terrible enough to earn them Dante Exum with the fifth pick in the 2014 draft to begin the rebuilding process. Still, Kanter must have some fond memories of his time out west, right?

"I never liked playing basketball before in my NBA career. That's my first time I start like playing basketball (in OKC), for my team, for the fans, for my teammates, for coaches, everybody. That's the first time."

Tonight's game should be fun, huh?

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[Via Salt Lake Tribune]

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