A Surge in Fixies is Making China More Hipster

The country even has its own Brooklyn.

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American fixie enthusiasts, you are not alone in this world. The U.S. is not the only place where fixed-gear bicycles are becoming popular. The Dongcheng neighborhood in Beijing—which is, of course, known as China's Brooklyn—is home to Natooke, a fixie manufacturer that started the fixie trend in China. 

A story in The Atlantic profiles Natooke founder Ines Brunn from the time she moved to China, where she was disappointed in the amount of cyclists, to her creation of the company. Her efforts to organize fixed-gear enthusiasts were futile, so she decided the best way to get fixies to catch on was by building and selling them. Now, her shop is just one of a dozen competitors in Beijing. Read the piece in its entirety here

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