The NFL May Reduce Josh Gordon's Year-Long Suspension to 8 Games for Upcoming Season

Johnny Manziel may get his top target back for the last half of the season.

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Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon is currently in the process of appealing a positive drug test for marijuana. Yesterday, Gordon was in New York to meet with the NFL and state his case. As it has been previously reported, Gordon is appealing the positive result on the basis that he was in the presence of second-hand smoke. It's a tough sell, but if Gordon wins, then he will not face a year-long suspension from the league. If he loses, then it's up to the league to levy an appropriate charge. 

However, as sources for point out, Gordon and the league could also reach a settlement about his punishment. As of now, the most lenient suspension that the NFL is apparently willing to offer is eight games. While it's certainly an improvement from the loss of an entire season, the Cleveland Brown, their fans, and Gordon himself probably aren't too thrilled that Johnny Manziel or Brian Hoyer would be without the team's top receiver for at least half the season. 

A decision about Gordon's appeal will be reached in the next three weeks. From there, Gordon will either be free to go, or his camp will start negotiating with the NFL. 


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