Michigan Head Coach Brady Hoke Deflects Criticism, Denies Responsibility For Concussion Controversy

Brady Hoke did not have a good meeting today with the media.

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On Saturday, while losing 30-7 against the Minnesota Golden Gophers, Michigan Wolverines quarterback Shane Morris took a shot to the head in the fourth quarter, leaving him clearly dazed. However, after a brief break on the sideline, Morris was almost immediately put back in the game, despite his apparent dizziness. Many viewers believed Morris was concussed, and the announcers calling the game were harshly critical of Michigan head coach Brady Hoke for letting his quarterback continue to play, despite the availability of back-up QB Devin Gardner. Boos rained down from Michigan Stadium. Some fans even chanted, "Fire Hoke!"


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Today, Hoke met with the media to address the criticisms weighed against him over the weekend. As you can see from the video at the top, it did not go particularly well. Hoke was defensive throughout the entire press conference, deflected criticism to the Minnesota defender who hit Morris, and denied responsibility for any decision involving Morris' return to the game. 

Most amazingly of all, Hoke admitted he didn't actually know whether Shane Morris was tested for a concussion following the hit on him during the game. 

It was a disastrous response for a coach who has appeared so thoroughly over-matched with the media and on the field this season. As the head coach, Hoke should absolutely be responsible for what players are and are not on the field during a game. Failing to see if his quarterback was tested for a concussion is completely negligent.

If Hoke isn't canned in the coming weeks, you can be sure he'll be gone at season's end. Michigan is currently mired in one of its worst starts in the program's history.

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