Ichiro Trolls Bob Costas: "The 2014 Royals Made October in Kansas City Hotter Than Two Motherf***ing Rats in a Wool Sock"

Where'd he pick that one up?

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Though Ichiro has been playing professional baseball in the United States for 14 seasons now, and speaks English fairly well, the Yankees outfielder still regularly defers to his translator Allen Turner when meeting with the press. 

However, during a recent interview with Bob Costas for the MLB Network, Ichiro, who used his translator for much of the conversation, decided to speak for himself after Costas asked him if he had a favorite American expression to share. Costas' question was a reference to the same one that he had asked Ichiro during an interview in 2007, to which Ichiro gave a pretty memorable response. 

"August in Kansas City...it's, it's hotter than two rats in a fucking wool sock," said Ichiro. 


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Obviously, for someone as soft-spoken as Ichiro, the response took everyone by surprise. 

So, seven years later, what did Ichiro say when Costas came to him with the same question? 

His answer is more or less the same, except this time, Ichiro gives a shout-out to the defending AL champions. 

LOL. We'd love to know where Ichiro originally picked up that family-friendly expression from. If we had to guess, Lou Pinella is probably the one to thank here.

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