Deion Sanders Says He Didn't Keep UF Recruits on Bench Due to Florida State Bias

The Florida State alum is in hot water.

Deion Sanders

BALTIMORE, MD - OCTOBER 26: NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders appears on set during the Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins game at M&T Bank Stadium on October 26, 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Deion Sanders

School pride can run deep, but in the case of Deion Sanders, his diehard love of his alma mater is causing some major controversy. The former Florida State star and Pro Football Hall-of-Famer was accused of bias while coaching the 2018 Under Armour All-America Game, in which he barely played a star University of Florida signee.

According to Deadspin, elite quarterback prospect and future Florida Gator Emory Jones threw just three passes in the January 4 matchup, fewer than any of his teammates at the same position. Sanders, whose Team Highlight narrowly bested Team Spotlight 23-21, quickly took to Twitter to respond to criticism.

I dont even know who most of these kids are and to assume that i would punish a child because of his choice of school is a dumb. idiot
To all my good Gator friends im sorry you're associated with the ignorance thats come on my timeline with profanity & nonsense from UF.
Please ask the kid whom your speaking of why he didnt play more or throw more. I don't even know who he is. I WAS THE HC not the OC.

In the last post, he told people to take up their issue with Jones, who appeared to subtweet Sanders after the game, while Florida recruits Jacob Copeland, who appeared in the All-America Game as well, and Derick "Rambo" Hunter, were decidedly less subtle with their messages to Sanders.

That dude fake as they come. Only if y’all knew the REAL him. He all smiles for the camera and Tv! 🙃✌🏾
Man deion from my city no body out here respect that man dude FAKE

Jones later retweeted a message from a Gators blog noting the disparity in pass attempts.

@eXjones6 had 3 pass attempts. Martinez had 8, Thompson-Robinson had 15, Gatewood had 16.

There are rumors that Sanders could be eyeing a spot on the Florida State coaching staff, and, if nothing else, it seems Primetime is certainly proving his loyalty.

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