You Can Catch a "Space Jam" Live Reading If You're in Toronto During All-Star Weekend

The excuse to head to Toronto that you've always wanted.

Image via Space Jam

In honor of the 20th year since its release (you're old) cinematic masterpiece Space Jam will be given a live reading in Toronto for the NBA's All-Star weekend. Details are very light at the moment, but the people actually reading the lines will be a "mashup" with "talent" from both the worlds of sports and entertainment. Seems like there's already a guy in the world of sports best suited to play Michael Jordan, but if he's not available we're interested to see who'll take the lead instead. According to TIFF, the people putting together the live read, we'll have to "stay tooned via social media for cast announcements!"

And yeah, they really did write tuned like that.

[via CBS Sports]

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