Peyton Manning Cracks Jokes About Eli's Unenthusiastic Super Bowl Face on 'The Tonight Show'

The latest Eli face to make the news cycle.

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You'd think by now everybody would just realize that Eli Manning's face rotates through about four brain-dead expressions, and it could actually be far worse than the one he displayed at the Super Bowl on Sunday, but that didn't stop a mini-storyline from developing after the youngest Manning was caught displaying zero enthusiasm when the Broncos iced a game (that was already iced) with a fourth quarter insurance touchdown. Last night Peyton continued his obligatory Super Bowl-winning quarterback victory lap to The Tonight Show, where he and the host lobbed jokes at a cardboard cutout of his cardboard brother. And though the jokes were concocted by Fallon's writers (or Peyton's writers?) we actually believe everything he said.

[via The Tonight Show]

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