Kawhi Leonard Says He Wants to Finish Career With Spurs

Kawhi Leonard says he intends to return to the court this season and wants to finish his career with the Spurs.

Earlier this year, it was reported there was serious friction between the San Antonio Spurs and star forward Kawhi Leonard, as the two sides failed to see eye-to-eye on Leonard's quadriceps rehab which had limited him to nine games this season. The disconnect was apparently real enough to get NBA pundits/professional prognosticators to predict that Leonard was on his way out of San Antonio. And while I suppose that could still be true, obviously nothing happened at this year's trade deadline.

On Wednesday, Leonard stated that the former notion was incorrect, and that he worked in tandem with the organization while trying to bounce back from his injury.

"Everything was done as a group," he said about trying to get a second opinion. "I don't feel like nothing was friction. I talk to Pop (Spurs coach Gregg Popovich) every day. He knows what the progression were. He knew what I was doing the whole entire time, as well as the front office. We made a group decision, so it was me just going out and saying, 'I am going to go out and do this thing.'"

He also responded in the affirmative when a reporter asked him if he wanted to end his career with the Spurs:

Though both answers are exactly what you'd expect a professional athlete—​what was he going to say, no?—he also contradicted earlier speculation that said he's probably done for the season by saying he's looking to get back on the court soon. As of now he has no "set date" for a return.

Leonard last played in a game on Jan. 13.

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