Jason Terry Guarantees the Rockets Will Beat the Warriors Tonight

Why even watch then?

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Jason Terry, talking like a man who DGAF, boldly guaranteed that the Rockets would beat the Warriors tonight. Please note that he didn't guarantee they'd win the series, just that they'd extend it to a Game 6.

The proclamation came during a media session yesterday when the 17-year-vet said about a Wednesday night victory:

"I’m guaranteeing it. If I don’t, then what? It’s a loss, right. I guarantee victory -- that’s what it’s going to take. I believe in my group. I know we can get a win here and send this thing back to Houston.”

Additionally he stated that he'd get a new tattoo of the Larry O'Brien Trophy (in addition to the onehe already has) if they were to win the NBA Finals this year, secure in the knowledge that the chances of that happening are approximately jack shit.

Previously Terry predicted, during the summer of 2012, that the Celtics would win the championship for the upcoming season, even getting a separate tattoo of Boston's mascot spinning the title trophy. Instead they finished 41-40, snagged a 7-seed, and then lost in the first round.

Also Golden State was 39-2 at home this year.

Keep all this in mind before contacting your bookie.

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