Here's Nick Young's Reaction to Being Asked if D'Angelo Russell Will Be at His Wedding

Nick Young and D'Angelo Russell have a complicated history.

Not much can phase Swaggy P. 

TMZ caught up with Nick Young while he was making his way to his car recently, and after congratulating him on his recent engagement to Keonna Green, asked him if D'Angelo Russell will be invited to his wedding. Swaggy kept his cool and treated the question as a joke, laughing at the thought of Russell making an appearance.

Remember, these two have a complicated history. Of course, there were a lot of reasons why D'Lo ended up leaving the Lakers. But aside from his lackadaisical work ethic, the Lakers reportedly shipped Russell away for dry snitching on Swaggy P. In 2016, Russell secretly recorded Young admitting to cheating on his then-fiancée Iggy Azalea with a 19-year-old woman. Russell uploaded the video to the internet as part of what a team insider described as a "prank gone wrong."

Iggy saw the viral video and even thanked Russell in a now-deleted tweet for providing the evidence. The move reportedly caused locker room friction, as Russell's teammates are said to have froze him out by not talking to him. 

Along with joking with TMZ about his ex-teammate, Young also revealed that he's hoping to provide bench support during the postseason. 

"Hopefully I'll be on a roster for playoffs," Young said before making a plea to all the NBA franchises. Young only played four games with Denver last year, and hasn't been on an NBA roster since.

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