Watch Adam Sandler Play Pick-Up Basketball in New York

As expected, a video of Adam Sandler playing pick-up basketball in Long Island, New York went viral as soon as it hit the social media timeline. 

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Are in really in New York if you haven’t seen Adam Sandler hooping?

No Matter how many times it happens, it’s always exciting to see the Sand-man play basketball. So, of course, a video of Sandler playing basketball in Long Island went viral as soon as it hit the timeline. 

In true Adam Sandler fashion, on-court fashion was not his top priority. Instead, he was dressed like he’s supposed to back in the office in 15 minutes rather than a multi-millionaire who probably planned on hooping today. Sandler was wearing a long, oversized pink polo shirt with shorts that also looked like he stole them from Kevin Garnett. 

But don’t let the unorthodox approach and lack of swag fool you. Former NBA All-Star Baron Davis let it be known that Sandler is a great pick-up for any team because he has immaculate court vision.

“Adam Sandler is a baller,” Baron caption the video of Sandler hooping. “You want to be on his team in pickup. He throws dimes!!!”

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