Twitter Users Can't Stop Poking Fun at Dwyane Wade's New Year's Eve Outfit

Let's just hope Dwyane Wade doesn't do this to himself again on New Years Eve 2017.

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As most people are currently preparing to step out to their chosen New Years Eve soirées, you're going to walk your local streets before and after midnight and see people donning the most ostentatious outfits of their wardrobe to set off 2017. Dwyane Wade is no different, but he's being heavily clowned for it on Twitter.

The Bulls star guard, who once graced the cover of GQ, tweeted a photo of himself with the caption "2017 here I come," wearing a black-and-white mink coat, black knit scully cap, black pants and shoes to match. Twitter went in on him for his get-up tonight, and the jokes are absolutely hilarious.

Here are some Twitter reactions to DWade's fashion taste for stepping out and beginning the new year.

— Kirby Barber (@kirbybarber) December 31, 2016

— abundance (@Goldenfuse) December 31, 2016

Hey, it's all in good fun, DWade. But just don't do this again in 2017. Cool?

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