The NFL Could've Prevented Trump's Election If They Had Let Him Buy the Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills could've stopped Trump from being elected POTUS if they let him buy the team.

Roger Goodell speaks on the Colin Kaepernick situation.
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Roger Goodell speaks on the Colin Kaepernick situation.

If you're an NFL fan who dislikes Donald Trump, plus have a random total disdain for the Buffalo Bills, then reading this could make you hate them even more. 

Back in April 2014, Trump was adamant that he wanted to purchase the Bills when they were up for sale. He was willing to shell out $1 billion for the team, but the eventual owners the Pegula family outbid Trump with $1.4 billion. The deal was finalized in October 2014, and just eight months later, Trump declared that he was running for the U.S. presidency. 

Needless to say, Trump stated in a September 2015 interview with Sports Illustrated he was happy he didn't buy the team after all.

"I'm glad [I didn't get the team], because if I bought the Buffalo Bills, I probably would not be [running for president], which is much more important," he stated.

Trump repeated his sentiment in another interview with CBS New York in February 2016. "If I bought that team, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing," he said.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell chimed in  about Trump's attempt to buy the Bills, and even jokingly accepted being the scapegoat for the fate of the election when he spoke with New York Times DealBook conference on Wednesday.

"I guess I have to take a lot of responsibility [for Trump's presidency], I guess. I had not heard that," Goodell said with a grin. He added, "I knew he was interested in the Bills, but that was done by the previous ownership of the Bills and it never got to our table."

Sure it's not the NFL front office's fault. But given the many fans who dislike you, Roger, this is not a good time to smile about this and rub it in for those who didn't want Trump elected. 

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