Angels Pitcher Matt Shoemaker Takes a 105-MPH Line Drive to His Head

Matt Shoemaker suffered a small skull fracture and hematoma, and will be kept overnight in a hospital for observation.

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Angels starting pitcher Matt Shoemaker should be happy to be alive and count his blessings after he took this hard line drive to his dome.

Shoemaker takes a line drive to the right side of head in game vs Mariners. Hoping for a speedy recovery. #mlb

— David (@notrealdavid) September 4, 2016

During the second inning of the Angels-Mariners game in Seattle on Sunday, Shoemaker pitched to Mariners third baseman Kyle Seager, who then smacked the line drive that clocked in at 105 MPH, according to Statcast™. Shoemaker immediately fell off the mound, and the team's trainers and management immediately rushed to his aid after he took the speedball to the top right side of his head. Shoemaker left the game thereafter to be evaluated.

According to the Angels, Shoemaker had a CT scan which read he suffered a small skull fracture and hematoma. Also, the Angels disclosed that Shoemaker will be reviewed by a neurologist, and seems to be recovering better than expected already. Although, he will be kept in a hospital overnight to recover and for further observation.

Matt is speaking, interacting & doing well considering the trauma. Will spend night in hospital for continued observation. #Angels

— Los Angeles Angels (@Angels) September 4, 2016

Pitchers recovering from taking scary line drives to the head is nothing new in baseball. But they are scary to witness because, well, baseballs are hard AF to the core. Ever play baseball and get beaned by a pitch? Or let alone, get hit in the head by one? If not, you can cringe while watching two examples here and here to see what I mean. Ouch!

The Angels pressed on and won the game 4-2.

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