Jason Williams Shows He's Still "White Chocolate" at Age 40 In New Highlight Reel

Jason Williams shows he's still "White Chocolate" at age 40 in an insane new highlight reel.

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Jason Williams is 40 now, which could make you feel a little old. And even though he's been long-retired from the NBA, that certainly doesn't mean he's hung up his "White Chocolate" persona for good.

Williams is still playing in the Orlando Pro-Am summer league like he does every summer. If you know his game well, he doesn't believe in regular fundamental bounce passes and chest passes. That's just too ordinary for White Chocolate. So in the highlight reel above, you see him bust out his signature behind-the-back passes, sick in-and-out dribble moves, crossovers that would make anyone not want to get too embarrassed by closing out on him defensively, splashing 3s, and dropping dimes on the break to rack up assist after assist.

Williams is slated to participate in opening rounds of The Basketball Tournament, which holds a high stakes pot of $2 million with former Sacramento King Mike Bibby, and will play against other former NBAers including Larry Sanders and former All-Star Josh Howard. Current NBA players, including twin brothers Markieff and Marquis Morris and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, will be coaching the Philadelphia-based team in the tournament, as well as Mavericks' JaVale McGee and Wesley Matthews helming coaching duties for their squad.

It seems like Williams is doing his best to stay on point for this tournament to win the big bucks for his team. He's visibly lost half a step or two, but he can still get by anyone whenever he wants if they dare to reach at his handle while D-ing him up.

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