Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey Has a Basketball-Themed Musical Titled 'Small Ball' on the Way

The play will have a character named "Michael Jordan" that is not to be confused with basketball icon Michael Jordan.

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If you've ever read the 18th century novel Gulliver's Travels (or skimmed through a few of its pages to complete a required high school English class homework assignment), get ready for the Jonathan Swift classic to be transposed to a basketball-themed musical.

According to the Houston Chronicle, this adaptation entitled Small Ball is the brainchild of Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey. The NBA executive is as big a musical theater fanatic as he is a basketball junkie, and is collaborating on the musical's treatment with playwright Mickle Maher. 

The plot of the play is that the Lilliputians, the ant-sized people on the fictional island of Lilliput in Gulliver's Travels, band together to join an international basketball league. And similar to the island's would-be giant Gulliver in the novel, the Lilliputians import a giant by the name of "Michael Jordan." 

Morey claims that the "Michael Jordan" character for the Lilliputian team is not to be confused with NBA legend Michael Jordan, nor Michael B. Jordan of Creed fame. This musical's character will be another "Michael Jordan" who just happens to have the same exact name. Well, all right then.

Morey stated about the play, "It's definitely happening."

The show will debut in Houston sometime within the next 18 months. This ought to be interesting, to say the least.

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