DraftKings Has Arrived in the UK to Change the Face of Fantasy Football

You might have to switch up the way you play fantasy football.

Image via DraftKings

The world's largest daily fantasy sports game has landed in the UK.

DraftKings has become a phenomenon in North America, where it's paid out over $1 billion in cash prizes since launch in 2012, with over six million registered users and it's landed in the UK where it's set to challenge our country's expectations of fantasy football.

Unlike regular fantasy football where users select a team to compete over the course of a whole season, DraftKings asks users to choose a new team each and every game day from a set budget for a one-off game. Each player has a salary valuation, which changes week-to-week based on an individual's form and the quality of their opposition.

Unlike most fantasy football games – where players pick up points from a limited set of criteria (goals, assists and clean sheets) – DraftKings analyses every facet of a players performance including shots, crosses, tackles and more. While users can play for free, those with a greater aptitude for fantasy football can pay-to-play with sizeable cash prizes being the incentive.

While the UK launch is focussed on making the most of DraftKings' ability to play the Premier League and UEFA Champions League, there's also the chance to play games in NBA, NFL, NHL, UFC and more.

DraftKings has signed partnerships with Arsenal, Liverpool and Watford.

The platforms partnerships with the three Premier League clubs will see the DraftKings brand visible in domestic fixtures throughout the season.

The platform has been live in the UK since February 5th.

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