Drake Brought Out Derrick Rose During His Concert at Madison Square Garden Last Night

Drake paid a mid-show tribute to the Knicks by bringing out the Knicks' new point guard Derrick Rose.

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Drake found himself once again at Madison Square Garden last night to perform the second of three shows in New York City as part of his ongoing Summer Sixteen tour with Future. In stark comparison to his first night in the Garden, Drake kept things a little more light and even got some shine from the hometown crowd by bringing out the Knicks' new point guard Derrick Rose.

"I was able to make one phone call so I'm gonna stay onstage tonight, but there's one guy you gotta thank for that," Drake told the crowd. "I just wanna know if New York City can just make some noise for him one time, because I feel like this is the guy you should thank for me standing on this stage tonight. He goes by the name Derrick Rose by the way."

With that, Rose and his young son PJ came out into view to a shower of applause. "He'll take you all the way, I promise you," Drake said.

It was a light-hearted moment and a welcome relief from all the controversy that erupted from Drizzy's stand at the Garden just the night before when the 6 God decided to attack the NYC-based hip hop radio station Hot 97, and more specifically, DJ Funkmaster Flex. He reportedly said during the show that he would sit down and do an interview but that they had to fire Flex first. 

For those that don't remember, Flex inserted himself into Drake's beef with Meek Mill last year after he leaked several reference tracks for Drizzy's songs. This included the tracks "10 Bands," "R.I.C.O.," "Used To," and "Know Yourself." "Rappers who have reference tracks cannot claim 'king,'" Flex declared amidst the controversy. "I didn't make that rule. If you're wearing that crown, you better write. If you don't write, you don't have that crown."

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