Razor Sharp: A History of Unforgettable NBA Hair Designs

In honor of Ron Artest's new look, we take a look back at some basketball player hair styles that made the cut.

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Ron Artest's head game is vicious. We mean his hair designs. Don't kill us, Ron-Ron.

Haters call Ron Artest a head case. Complex agrees that his head needs to be examined, but not because QB's finest is some kind of dangerous unhinged manimal who'll punch you in the face and force you to listen to Allure albums. With a fresh Houston Rockets logo shaved into his head for the 2009 NBA Playoffs, Ron-Ron is keeping the proud NBA tradition of hair designs alive.

They're like temporary head tattoos for anyone who worries that a Starbury logo on their dome might not be the look they want at 40. In honor of Artest's super cut, Complex looks back at some of the most unforgettable slam dunk designs we've seen in the NBA over the years...


Kenny Walker, 1989
• Two lines? Nah, that's an equals sign, as in: "My Gumby flat-top fade = fresh for '89, you suckas!"


Anthony Mason, 1994
• While Michael Jordan was off disgracing the game of baseball, somebody had to make the 1994 NBA Playoffs interesting. Like Mase, the constantly evolving designs shaved into the left side of his head muscled everyone else out of the way, then kneed them in the balls for good measure.


Anthony Mason, 1994
• Exposure was limited, but the ad rates on Mase's pubes were much, much cheaper.


Anthony Mason, 1994
• As far as we're aware, Mase was the first to rock a design in the NBA Finals. The Knicks lost to the Rockets in Game 7, but as far as we're concerned he's a champion. John "2-for-18" Starks, however, still gets ball boy status.


Ron Artest, 2005
• Rather than enraging Ron-Ron by editing his company name, let's just change the dictionary spellings of "true" and "warrior."


Drew Gooden, 2006
• An experiment with negative space (as in every single inch of this)? Our best guess is that Drew told his barber to make it look like somebody had just shit on his neck.


Ron Artest, 2007
• Name on jersey? Check. Team name on head? Check. Grab the Tru Warier lunch box/thermos and Ronald's ready for the short bus.


Anthony Mason, 2007
• Retirement couldn't stop Mase. We hope male pattern baldness never does either.


Daniel "Boobie" Gibson, 2008
• No joke, the "B" is for Boobie. Take it or squeeze it.


Daniel "Boobie" Gibson, 2008
• LeBron's lil' dun is a star (in his own head).

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