Kia Nurse on George Floyd and the Need for Athletes to Speak Up

The Canadian WNBA star sits down with us to talk about racism and the role of athletes in using their platform for change.

Last week, Complex Canada's Alex Narvaez sat down with WNBA star Kia Nurse just as the events surrounding the unjust police killing of George Floyd in the U.S. were beginning to unfold. Being a biracial Canadian athlete who spends half of her year in America, the New York Liberty and Team Canada point guard has a unique lens on systemic racism. In the video above, Nurse shares her thoughts on the current situation, the responsibility of athletes to use their platform for change, and the racism she's seen both in America and at home.

This is not a new problem, there is no justification, there is no reason racism should exist anywhere. Enough is enough. Use your voice, take action toward change...donate, educate yourself, engage in meaningful conversations, refuse to be silent. #BlackLivesMatter (2/2)

— Kia Nurse (@KayNurse11) June 1, 2020


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