Spanish Soccer Club Rebrands Itself as Flat Earth FC

The club won’t be connected to a specific country or city, but instead to “an idea."

flat earth soccer

Image via Getty/Tim Clayton - Corbis

flat earth soccer

After being promoted to the Spanish fourth flight division, the soccer club that once went by Mostoles Balompie has now been rebranded as Flat Earth FC, Deadspin reports.

The name overhaul came from president Javi Poves, who confirmed in a video statement that change is supposed to advocate for the archaic concept that the earth isn’t round, but flat. 

“We are a professional football club in the Spanish fourth tier and we are born to unite the voices of millions of flat earth movement followers and all those people who are looking for answers,” Poves said.

Poves also talked about how the club won’t be connected to a specific country or city, but instead to “an idea." The president has already made a new jersey and logo for the team, which can be seen on the club’s website. Flat Earth FC also has listed three partners, or “friends,” which include a flat-earther’s news site, and two Spanish YouTube channels that look to specialize in conspiracy theory videos.

Kyrie Irving had also trumpeted the debunked flat earth theory since early 2017, when he supposedly became “woke” to the truth about the planet. However, in October 2018, he apologized for his comments.

“At the time, I was huge into conspiracies," Irving said, "and everybody’s been there. Everybody’s been there. Like, ‘Yooo, what’s going on with our world?’ You know, you click the YouTube click and it’s like, how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”

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