Jeremy Lin Speaks Out Against Anti-Asian Racism, Suggests He's Been Called 'Coronavirus' on the Court

Jeremy Lin took to Instagram to share a message about the rise in Asian hate crimes, insinuating that other players have called him "coronavirus" during games.

jeremy lin covid

Image via Getty/Juan Ocampo

jeremy lin covid

Jeremy Lin is speaking up about the rise in Asian hate crimes, which have spiked following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Santa Cruz Warriors guard took to Instagram to further discuss the subject, after having appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area’s segment, Race in America: A Candid Conversation. He also suggested he’s been called names during games.

“Being an Asian American doesn’t mean we don’t experience poverty and racism,” Lin wrote on Instagram. “Being a 9 year NBA veteran doesn’t protect me from being called ‘coronavirus’ on the court. Being a man of faith doesn’t mean I don’t fight for justice, for myself and for others.”

His comments arrive after he told NBC Sports Bay Area on Feb. 23 that, “I feel bad for somebody who harbors hate for somebody else, who they’ve never met, just based on skin color,” he said. “That makes me want to do something. It makes me want to educate people or speak out and find ways to make a difference.”

He continued, “Honestly, it goes almost from anger to heartbreak. Almost like a sadness, but mixed with compassion. I almost feel for the people who are hurting the victims.”

After signing a contract with the Chinese Basketball Association’s Beijing Ducks in 2019, Lin returned to the NBA G League to play for the Golden State Warriors’ affiliate club, the Santa Cruz Warrior. So far this season, he’s averaged 19.6 points, 7.2 assists, and 1.6 steals.

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