Tony Hawk Talks About A Defining Moment In His Career In New Sports Docu-Series

What really happened when Tony landed the 900?

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A few seconds can change the course of a game or the life of an athlete. If we look back in sports history, it's always one game, one pass, one defining moment, that can catapult an athlete from sideline player to super stardom. A person can spend their whole career working towards sports immortality and in one turning point, achieve it or lose it. 

Turning Point, a new show on go90, aims at uncovering those pivotal moments. Because as much as it's all of those small moments that make an athlete's career, it's that one big moment that can literally change the game. The documentary-style series focuses on just one specific moment in your favorite athlete's career. From Tony Hawk's 900 to Sean White's perfect score at the X Games, Turning Point cuts away at the story and hones in on the seconds, minutes and hours that birthed the household names we know today. 

In the episode of Turning Point above, we learn exactly what Tony Hawk's two and a half point turn, also known as the 900, did for the sport of skateboarding and for his professional career. Make sure to check out new episodes featuring the biggest names in sports every Tuesday and Thursday on go90

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