LeBron James Explains His Issue With Celtics Fans: 'They're Racist as F**k'

James addressed the topic during the latest episode of 'The Shop': 'I’ve been dealing with it my whole life...They gonna say whatever the f**k they wanna say.'

LeBron James #6 of the Los Angeles Lakers warms up before a game against the Boston Celtics

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LeBron James #6 of the Los Angeles Lakers warms up before a game against the Boston Celtics

LeBron James didn’t hesitate to call out Celtics fans.

In the latest episode of Uninterrupted’s The Shop, the Los Angeles Lakers star named Boston as his least favorite place to play. When asked why “hates” Beantown, James flatly responded: “Because they’re racist as fuck, that’s why.”

“They will say anything. And it’s fine,” he said, referring to Celtics fans. “I mean, fuck, it’s my life. I’ve been dealing with it my whole life. I don’t mind [...] Like, if I hear somebody close by, I’ll check ’em real quick [and] I’ll move on to the game. They gonna say whatever the fuck they wanna say. They might throw something on you.”

James recalled the time when a Celtics fan poured a drink on him as he made his way to the locker room. The moment took place after James and the Miami Heat defeated Boston in Game 6 of the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals. 

“I mean, I got a beer thrown on me leaving a game,” he said before cracking some jokes about Celtics merch.“There was like a, ‘Fuck LBJ T-shirt.’ I believe they sold it at the fucking team shop.”

You can check out the full episode below.

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Warriors guard Klay Thompson previously slammed Celtics fans for their behavior at TD Garden. During Game 3 of the NBA finals last month, fans were heard heckling Warrior’s Draymond Green

“Fuck you, Draymond,” they chanted.

Thompson addressed they issue in a post-game interview.

“We’ve played in front of rude people before, dropping f-bombs with children in the crowd?” he said. “Real classy. Good job, Boston.”

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