Courvoisier Presents: How to Throw a Top-Notch Football Party

Don't let your Super Bowl party be the one that gets talked about on Monday for all the wrong reasons.

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Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner. Are you ready? Even if your team didn't make it to the big day (and odds are, it didn't), you can still make the best of this American tradition by throwing the best football party in the country. Or at least in your neighborhood.

Courvoisier knows how to throw a party and offers important steps to make sure yours is on point. There are key facts to keep everyone happy, from football fanatics to one-day-only fans—the rules that applied in college are no longer relevant if you want a classy gathering. Did you make sure you have enough seats? What about keeping those game-day talkers out of the way by plying them with plenty of food far away from the TV? If you follow these tips (like keeping a secondary TV on hand for those who want to watch the Puppy Bowl instead), you'll make the most of the big day and hopefully have great stories to tell your coworkers on Monday.

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