Fans Are Hyped After New NBA All-Star Game Format Delivers a Classic

Thanks to the new "Elam Ending," the thrilling fourth quarter went down to the wire.


Image via Getty/Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE


Remember when people were whining about the new NBA All-Star Game format? Yeah, that didn't last long. 

After three high-flying but loosely defended quarters, both Team Giannis and Team LeBron locked it down in the fourth, for what became a thrilling, hard-fought race to 157 points. In the end, Team LeBron won 157-155, after Anthony Davis sunk the second of two free throws.

According to Davis himself, he missed the first one on purpose as a way of ratcheting up the drama. 

Under the initially derided new format, which featured the implementation of the "Elam Ending," the winning team would be the first one to hit a fixed total after 24 points had been added to the score of the team that was ahead after three quarters. While the 24 points was a mark chosen in honor of Kobe Bryant, fans initially didn't know what to make of what some perceived was a convoluted new look. But after maximum effort on both sides led to one of the most entertaining All-Star Games ever, those in the NBA world and beyond seemed to unanimously agree that the new format was an absolute smash. 

Actual professional basketball players were pumped, too!

Of course not everyone was thrilled that the game ended on a free throw, but beggars can't be choosers. 

Prior to the game, Chris Paul revealed that adopting the "first to 24" format was actually his suggestion. 

Paul also explained that winning prize money for charities at the end of each quarter was just added incentive for the players to put forth max effort. 

One person who certainly wasn't confused by the new format was game MVP Kawhi Leonard, who took home the first ever Kobe Bryant MVP Award. Here he is breaking down the win in typical Kawhi fashion.

He also went on to explain what it meant to win the first NBA award with Kobe's name on it. 

All in all, it was a helluva night for the NBA, which should remind us all to never, ever doubt Adam Silver again.

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