Yet Another Aaron Hernandez Jail Letter Has Leaked to the Internet

How many of these are going to come out?

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If Aaron Hernandez isn't careful, he's going to have a book of jail letters published before he starts his murder trial. That's because for the third time this month, a letter that Hernandez sent out from behind bars has been leaked to the press.

The first two were leaked online courtesy of TMZ (you can read them here and here). But the third one comes to us courtesy of Radar Online. It was written to a man named Collin Imm and features these choice quotes from Hernandez: 

  • "I'm a great dude. Don't believe all the negative publicity."
  • "I miss my little girl terribly an (sic) my biggest fear of all is she won't know daddy."
  • "Media is the negative of fame!"
  • "I'm doing fine but wanted to write you and definitely wanted to say thanks for the support! Hope to hear back from you if wanted."

By now, Hernandez has to know that all of these letters are leaking out, right? So he should probably stop writing them. Unless, of course, he wants a book of his jail letters published. Because at the rate he's going, he's definitely got one coming sometime soon.

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[via Radar Online]

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