Vince Young Graduated From the University of Texas Today

Some good news about VY for once.

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For the last year or so, we've heard nothing but bad news about Vince Young. From his alleged money issues to his troubles getting back into the NFL, it's been one bad thing after another for VY. But today, we finally have some good news to report!

Earlier today, Young graduated from the University of Texas. It took him seven long years. But this semester, VY finally earned the last of the 30 credit hours that he needed to complete his degree in Youth and Community Studies when he left Texas for the NFL in 2006. And he's glad his journey is finally over.

"This will rank No. 1 because it is what I came to school for," he told CBS Sports. "I came here to get an education and to win a national championship. And now, I get to put that smile on my mom's face."

Good for him. It would have been easy—real easy—for VY to fold about a year ago and let his dreams of earning a degree die. But he kept at it and finally has something to show for all the hard work he put in at UT. You get an A for effort, Vince. Job well done.

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