Did you see the Cardinals/Seahawks game yesterday afternoon? The Seahawks won 58-0 and, truth be told, the final score could have been, like, 99-0 if the Seahawks hadn't stopped running the score up. The Cards stink right now, and their quarterback situation has become dreadful. Both John Skelton and Ryan Lindley played yesterday and they looked really, really bad. And, as a result, everyone—including us—feels terrible for Cards receiver Larry Fitzgerald. He's easily a top-5 NFL wide receiver and one of the most likable guys in the league, but he has no one to get him the ball this season so his stats are suffering.

Vince Young thinks he has the cure for that. The last time we heard from VY, he was working through some financial issues. But, last night, he hollered at Fitzgerald on Twitter and told him that he thinks that he is the solution to all of Fitzgerald's problems:

So, is VY the right man for the job? Well, at this point, we think that anyone not named Skelton or Lindley is probably the right man for the job. So, the Cards might as well go ahead and give him a workout. It certainly couldn't hurt, right?

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[via The Big Lead]

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