Twitter Goes In on Ayesha Curry for Saying the NBA Is “Rigged” After Warriors’ Game 6 Loss

Ayesha Curry tried to say the NBA is “rigged” after the Warriors’ Game 6 loss and got destroyed on Twitter for doing it.

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For the record, Ayesha Curry was not the only person who claimed that the NBA is rigged during the Warriors’ Game 6 loss to the Cavaliers on Thursday night. Here are a few other people who said the same thing on Twitter:

Even legendary Bay Area rapper/Warriors fan E-40 had something to say about it:

But unlike those people, Ayesha—who started complaining about the Cavaliers before Game 6 even started—received tens of thousands of retweets and likes when she sent out this tweet at the end of the game:

She received so many that, before long, she was forced to take back her “I won’t be silent” statement and delete her tweet. She tried to explain herself by sending out these tweets:

But that didn’t stop Twitter from going in on her for what she said. Here is how people have reacted to Ayesha’s "rigged" tweet:

Things got so bad for Ayesha that Miko Grimes—who is married to Buccaneers cornerback Brent Grimes and knows a thing or two about causing trouble on Twitter—chimed in:

And at one point, even ESPN's Brian Windhorst took a dig at Ayesha on live TV:

Of course, none of this is new for Ayesha. For whatever reason, Twitter loves going in on her. But this somehow feels different, and it’ll be interesting to see if all of this impacts Steph and the Warriors.


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