Twitter Exploded After Kevin Durant Revealed He’s Signing With the Warriors

Twitter exploded after Kevin Durant announced that he will be signing with the Warriors.

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On Monday morning, Kevin Durant revealed that he will be signing with the Warriors this summer and taking his talents to Oakland, Calif.—and of course, everyone is talking about it right now.

Within just minutes of KD making his much-anticipated announcement, “Warriors” shot to the top of Twitter’s U.S. Trends list where it will likely sit for the remainder of the day. Initially, there were many people commenting on how Golden State is pretty much guaranteed to win an NBA championship next season now that they have KD under contract:

“Damn KD” also started trending shortly after "Warriors" did with many NBA fans expressing their disappointment in KD for leaving Russell Westbrook behind in order to create a super team with Steph Curry & Co.:

As ESPN pointed out, it's something KD spoke out against six years ago:

Curiously enough, “Chris Paul” started trending as well with NBA fans wondering how and why the league allowed KD to sign with the Warriors when they nixed a deal that would have sent CP3 to the Lakers back in 2011 due to “basketball reasons”:

Stephen A. Smith started trending, too. ESPN broke their Wimbledon coverage to announce the news about KD, and while doing so, they allowed SAS to give his opinion on KD’s decision to sign with Golden State. He said KD signing with the Warriors is the “weakest move” he’s ever seen an NBA superstar make, and he continued to talk about KD on Twitter a short time later:

That led to many people bringing up the time SAS told KD that he didn’t want to make an “enemy” out of him:

Stephen A.'s former First Take partner Skip Bayless had something as well:

When I tell you im crying LMFAOOO

And that wasn’t all! KD’s mom chimed in at one point:

So did a bunch of NBA players:

Angry Thunder fans did, too:

The Thunder responded to the news about KD’s departure with a classy statement:

And even Dwyane Wade seemed to try to explain the situation by sending out this tweet:

At the same time, many NBA fans guessed that KD’s move to Golden State could result in D-Wade leaving the Heat to sign with LeBron James and the Cavaliers in order to give them a chance to win next season’s NBA Finals. It caused “Wade to Cleveland” to trend briefly:

Basically, the reaction to KD leaving the Thunder was everything you would expect it to be—and more! And it’s only going to get wilder from here. The 2016-17 NBA season is still about four months away, but people are clearly going to be talking about it a lot between now and then.

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