Toronto Politician Calls Drake Out for Shaking Hands With Paul Pierce

Some Raptors fans are really mad at Drake right now.

The entire city of Toronto seems to hate Paul Pierce right now. He's played a big role in the Wizards jumping out to a 2-0 lead against the Raptors in their best-of-7 playoff series. And apparently, some people in Toronto are also mad at Drake because he decided to shake hands with Pierce after Game 2 of the series.

One of those people is Toronto politician Norm Kelly. He saw the photo of Pierce and Drizzy following Game 2 and didn't like it. So he sent this tweet to the rapper yesterday:


He's not alone, either. Twitter has been filled with tweets just like his over the last 36 hours:

Game 3 is tonight. You probably shouldn't expect to see Drake siding with Pierce again.

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[via CBC Sports]

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