The Boston Celtics Are Seriously Considering Trading Rajon Rondo Before the NBA Trade Deadline

Seriously, though?

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At this point, Rajon Rondo is just about all the Celtics have going for them. Sure, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen still occasionally have nights where they look like the old Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen. But, with all due respect, those guys are over the hill. Way over the hill. So, right now, Rondo is pretty much carrying Boston on his back. Yet, a report from ESPN Boston indicates that the Celts are very interested in moving Rondo before the NBA trade deadline later this month. To who? Well, that's still anybody's guess at this point (we've got our money on the Lakers—no way Kobe Bryant lets L.A. sit by and do nothing at the trade deadline this year, right?) but it's clear thatCeltics GM Danny Ainge is serious about making some changes to Boston's roster. And it's starting to sound like that'll begin with a trade involving Rondo instead of one of his aging superstars.

[via ESPN Boston]

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