Watching Steph Curry Do Dribbling Drills Is Almost as Fun as Watching Steph Curry Play Basketball

This is incredible.

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Have you ever watched Steph Curry pull off a move and then yelled “HOW THE %&^* DID HE JUST DO THAT?!” at your TV? Of course you have. This happened months ago and it still doesn’t feel real:

There’s a simple answer for how he’s able to do it: Hard work. Well, hard work, plus a couple tennis balls, some glasses that make it impossible for him to see anything, and a weird dribbling routine that clearly works. Add all that up and you’ve got a guy who can do pretty much whatever the hell he wants with a basketball:

NOT FAIR. Check out the clip at the top to see Curry doing his drills.

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[via Huffington Post]

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