Someone Bought and Redirected It to the Cavaliers’ Website

Someone bought and had it redirect visitors to the Cavaliers’ official website.

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Buying a domain name and using it to troll a sports team or celebrity is not new. Back in 2012, someone snatched up the website and used to it redirect Nets fans to the Knicks’ official website. In 2015, someone else bought and used it to redirect Redskins fans to the New York Giants’ official website. And who can forget the time someone purchased and used it to redirect Kanye West fans to his Wikipedia page? All classic stunts.

But now, someone has outdone all of the others with When you type that address into your web browser, you might expect to see this:

Or this:

Or this:

But instead, this comes up:

That’s right. It’s the Cavaliers’ official website!

So who did this? Well, according to, social media specialist/Crying Jordan enthusiast Troy Machir—then with Sporting News—registered the domain name in December 2015 through He sent this tweet out in December 2015 on the same day was created:

And after we posted this story on Wednesday, he addressed owning on Twitter:

Crying Jordan wins yet again.

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