With his adidas Yeezy shoe currently out and his new album, So Help Me God, on the way, Kanye West is on a winning streak right now. But, the Internet is a cruel, and unforgiving place where anything goes—right now, the site www.Loser.com currently redirects to Kanye's personal Wikipedia page. No word on who is behind this, but the site apparently began redirecting to 'Ye's Wiki page on Sunday morning and has yet to be changed back to whatever it was before. The irony in all of this is that Beck's most famous song is, of course, titled "Loser." Will Kanye respond? Probably not, but as he told Zane Lowe last week, there is always that possibility that he could flip the switch and go into full 'Ye mode.

In more positive Kanye news, he will speak at Oxford University later today, which you can keep up with through updates and full video upon completion here.