Skip Bayless Throws Shade at the Warriors, Steph Curry Responds on Twitter

LMAO at Steph Curry's response to Skip Bayless throwing shade.

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The Warriors won the 2015 NBA Finals, so there's absolutely no waySkip Bayless could find anything to criticize Golden State for today, right? HA. Have you just met Skip?!

Rather than just saying, "Congratulations," to the Warriors, he took it upon himself to point out that the Warriors were very "fortuitous" during the postseason in a tweet that he sent out a short time ago:

Sigh. Good old Skip! But rather than ignore him, Steph Curry actually responded to the ESPN First Take host. He stopped singing "CoCo" just long enough to send this tweet right back in Skip's direction:

Not bad, but TBH, he should have just responded with this photo:


Back to the Bay with this bad boy!!! Can't tell yall how proud I am of everyone on this team. No better feeling than to celebrate with your brothers and realize what we have accomplished together. This is for the Bay! #wethechamps #dubnation

A photo posted by Wardell Curry (@wardell30) on Jun 17, 2015 at 9:53am PDT

That would have done the trick.

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