Skip Bayless Says Kobe Bryant's Sexual Assault Trial Gave Him "Sizzle," Helped Him Sell Sneakers

This is one of the dumbest things he has ever said on "First Take."

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On this morning's episode of ESPN First Take, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless debated about the endorsement deal that a company called MeUndies just gave to Cowboys running back Joseph Randle, who was arrested last week for allegedly stealing cologne and underwear from a department store in Dallas. And they both tried to make the point that Randle should not be profiting from his recent legal transgression in any way.

However, towards the end of their argument, Skip also started to talk about how athletes who have an "edge" are usually the ones who are the most marketable. And then, for whatever reason, he brought up Kobe Bryant as an example of this. He said that before Kobe was accused of sexual assault back in 2003, he was unable to sell sneakers for adidas because he didn't have enough "sizzle." But that all changed after he went on trial.

Watch the short clip above to see what Skip had to say. Cari Champion's puzzled response to Skip at the end pretty much tells you everything you need to know about what he said. And as you would expect, Skip's words are not getting a very favorable response on social media right now:

Is this the dumbest thing Skip has ever said on First Take?

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