Riley Curry Is Only 4 and Already Has a Nicer House Than You

Check out the playhouse that Riley Curry received on an episode of TLC’s 'Playhouse Masters.'

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This is the kind of "house" that most 4-year-olds play in:

Little Tikes playhouse

Not Riley Curry!

When your dad is one of the most famous basketball players in the world, you don’t play in the kind of playhouse that you find at Walmart. No, no. Instead, you play in the kind of playhouse that costs thousands of dollars to build and that comes equipped with everything from a ball pit to a loft (yo, a loft?). And that’s exactly what Riley received when she appeared on the latest episode of TLC’s new show, Playhouse Masters.

In the clip above, you can see Riley and her parents Steph and Ayesha, taking a tour through her new digs. "Y’all serious?" Steph says when he peeks inside of the playhouse for the first time.

Yes, Steph, the creators of the show are serious, and your daughter now has a house that includes the aforementioned ball pit and loft in addition to a giant slide, a barn door, vaulted ceilings, nightclub-esque lighting, and more.

Is it a bit much for a 4-year-old? Probably. But hey, it beats the other house you see above, right? Plus, Riley has a little sister Ryan who will be able to play in it soon, too. That is, unless she gets her own house, too.

Watch the Currys checking out Riley's house on Playhouse Masters below:

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